Funeral plan advice

How can we help?

Funeral plans are a form of insurance policy - you pay a fixed sum now, and the funeral plan provider then pays the cost of your chosen funeral when you pass away.

The costs of funerals is rising steadily, but buying a funeral plan allows you to fix this cost in advance. It also makes like much easier for your heirs, who will usually not be able to use money held in your estate to pay for your funeral. Paying for a funeral plan in advance also allows you to choose the details of your own funeral.

We can advise on the following aspects of funeral plans:

  • Which providers offer the best funeral services
  • Choosing between lump sum and monthly payment funeral plans
  • The inheritance tax benefits that come with prepaying for your funeral
  • Selecting from the menu of options for your funeral
  • How to ensure your heirs have a choice of funeral service provider when you pass away

Why choose Wendy Cochran Independent Financial Advice?

Wendy Cochran IFA is based in Wetherby, near Leeds. We are independent and FCA-authorised to provide regulated advice on funeral plans. We have years of experience in advising on funeral plans, and are not tied to any provider. As such we recommend only the best products in the market.

We will make no charge for reviewing your needs and arranging your funeral plan for you. Please get in touch for more details.

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