Our Jan/Feb 2018 client newsletter

Monday, 5 February 2018

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Wendy Cochran IFA, Wetherby, Yorkshire financial advice

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Articles include:

Reach your financial goals

Helping you realise your retirement vision

Will you make provision for all those you hold dear?

Getting your affairs in order and planning what you want to pass on to loved ones

Sleepwalking into retirement

Lack of pension knowledge among UK adults

‘Sandwich’ generation

Not having enough money for retirement is the biggest concern

ISA returns of the year

Taking control over where your money is invested tax-efficiently

Do you have a financial back-up plan this year?

Be prepared if life throws something unexpected your way

Planning the future you want

Pension freedoms bring optimism and adventure to retirement

Investing for the future

Higher inflation and near-zero interest rates mean the responsible thing to do could be to invest rather than to save

Countdown to retirement

Matching the living standards of those who have already retired

Millennial outlook

Pension saving high up on the list of workplace priorities

The bank that likes to say ‘yes’

Repeated pay outs to children could have a detrimental impact on your own long-term saving

Funding your future lifestyle

Think about the level of risk you might be willing to take with your hard-earned cash

Retirement roulette

Millions of older workers pin hopes on downsizing, inheritance or lottery win

Frugal habits!

How our spending might change in retirement

‘Miss List’

With retirement in your sights, what do you think you’ll miss?

Pensions in divorce

Preparing for an independent future should a relationship break down

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